the artist series

Art, Sport & the New Mexican Creative Economy

supporters to contributors

fan created artwork and product is an inevitability of any new team. Instead of attempting to compete or shut down supporters creating unique works, we wanted to feature them front and center at the new mexico united team shop.


local artists have been featured in the first year of the artist series, with plans to expand exponentially in the coming years

retail and donation

Every artist and body of work requires a unique partnership with the team. typically, the team COMMISSIONS a body of work. that work is then retailed in the team store where 100% of the profits are directly allocated to funding high performance program scholarships.


youth players are currently training at no cost with professional players and coaches thanks to the artist series

shop the artist series Online

While some items are listed online, the full line is available at the New Mexico united Team store in Albuquerque.

as a living project, Interested artists who are ready to blend their passion for New Mexico United with their creative talent may submit their ideas and artwork.